Sunday, September 11, 2005

Numero uno

My first entry...

No photos to show, no recipes to share and lot on my mind, so please be patient.

I do have a doubt.

How do you use Dandelion Greens?

I have been reading in other blogs about them: Slow Trav and Diva Cucina, then suddenly a Dandelion just springs out in a flower pot. So I carefully nip a leaf and eat it, my husband was totally grossed out, he told me it was possibly poisenous, so I told him about my previous reading and gave him a leaf to munch on.

He was not happy at all, but said at the end, it tastes lettucy on the bitter side. I did like it, it left a very fragant after taste, very unlike "normal" lettuce.

So boys and girls, how do I incorporate this to my cooking, suggestions are gratefully accepted.


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